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Tropical Floral Trends

tropical flowersThis is an amazing world we live in.

From the arctic tundra to arid deserts, each ecosystem has its expression of nature and flowers. Even the most severe of climates supports life, no matter how fragile – but the tropical climates are some of the lushest and full of beauty on the planet. While here in the United States very few areas are considered tropical or sub-tropical, we can still decorate our homes with vibrant tropical blooms to celebrate the warm summer months.

tropical flowersNothing evokes the spirit of the tropics more than striking flowers from Julia’s. One of the most often requested blooms when designing a tropical arrangement is the stunning bird of paradise. These vivid orange flowers strike a bold geometric pose, and as such they make both elegant standalone arrangements, or can be used as a showplace flower for a bouquet of several tropical blooms. Bamboo is a natural pairing, as it also provides a tropical aura in a strong linear way. You may wish to add a blanket of purple or white dendrobium orchids to soften the look; fuji mums and protea will add intriguing silhouettes in spectacular colors.

If you are looking to decorate a larger area, like a patio or backyard deck, the potted bromeliad is an excellent choice. These familiar flowers provide a tropical ambiance that can easily reside outside in hot and humid weather; and with varying size and colors, creating a micro-garden in your outdoor areas is easy – and beautiful.

Whatever your choice of flower; whether you decide to create a lavish arrangement or to display potted plants – your source for all things exotic this summer is Julia’s Florist. Wilmington may not be a tropical climate, but we can decorate it in tropical style.