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Posted by juliasflorist on February 5, 2015 Uncategorized

This Valentine’s Day Send Something Different than Roses

shutterstock_123839782When displays of chocolates and heart-shaped balloons start appearing at the grocery store as gentle reminders that Valentine’s Day is approaching, do you think of roses? Well, if you’ve been giving your significant other roses and a box of chocolates every year for the past decade, this year might be the perfect time to branch out into something creative and unexpected from Julia’s Florist.

Why Go for the Unexpected?

You give a gift to your wife, girlfriend, or other loved one each year because you appreciate her. However, sometimes going for an unexpected gift is the perfect way to let someone know that Valentine’s Day isn’t just another date on the calendar.

It’s always a tear-jerker in a movie when the couple gets together at the very end, and he says he’ll never take her for granted ever again. Want to experience the same joy and emotion as her favorite romantic film? Surprise her with something unexpected that shows her she’s always on your mind.

Think of Leaves Instead of Flowers

Roses are absolutely gorgeous whether they’re new and fragrant or delicate and dried, but roses in a vase only last so long before they must be retired from view. As a symbol of your dedication to your relationship, you might want to think about giving her a little garden in a pot.

This February, a beautifully green and vibrant tropical dish garden will look gorgeous on the table in the living room while the weather outside still gives you a chill and reminds you that winter isn’t quite over. And then, this summer, she’ll still get to enjoy your thoughtful gift that can last years with just a little water and some plant food.

What to Get Him for Valentine’s Day

You know your significant other will show up at your door this Valentine’s Day with some roses, or you’ll get a delivery at work of a giant bouquet. However, what do you get him for the holiday?

One surefire way to get his attention is with food. You might receive a classic box of mouth-watering chocolates, and there’s a good chance he’d love some delicious goodies in return. Get creative with a dozen classic brownies that actually feature twelve separate flavors like peanut butter and raspberry swirl. The only problem you might have is making sure he gets the entire dozen intact!