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What are the Best Flowers for Mother’s Day

Mother's DayMother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show love for one’s mother. In the United States, the holiday has its origins back around the beginning of the 20th Century, but celebrations of mothers date back to the ancient civilizations of the Greeks and Romans.

Finding the perfect gift for those precious women who have helped formed us can be a challenge, but at Julia’s Florist, we believe we might have the perfect solution. Flowers are a traditional gift that help bring smiles to the face of nearly any recipient. Flowers help to light up the room and bring in some of the beauty of the outdoors inside. This is particularly wonderful in May, when the outdoors are generally covered with stunning spring flowers. Here are some of our favorite selections for Mother’s Day flowers that should help anyone looking for a gift.

Sunshine Basket

This arrangement is full of cheerful white daisies, a favorite flower of countless people. These flowers are a wonderful reminder of spring. This basket is the perfect accessory to add to nearly any room to a house. They will fit well on a kitchen table, a fireplace mantel, or even on a desk in an office. No matter where they are placed, they will remind the recipient of love and beauty.

Tulips & Wax

Tulips are a fantastic flower for celebrating spring. This popular flower originated in Central Asia and moved across the continents to Europe. It remains an immensely popular flower for the Dutch as well as in Turkey and Afghanistan. The delicate flower offers beauty in a variety of different colors. These flowers are wonderful for letting a mother know how much she matters this Mother’s Day.

Enchanting Stargazer Lilies

This beautiful flower is native to Japan and China, but has become immensely popular around the world, especially in Holland and California.This arrangement features several of these popular flowers in a beautifully simple vase with some complimenting greenery. This flower arrangement is sure to make any mother smile.

Mother’s Day offers a perfect reminder to say ‘thank you’ to all the mothers in our lives. At Julia’s Florist, we find that flowers can be particularly outstanding gifts for this holiday. Those who are unsure about what gift to give for this Mother’s Day should consider some of our above ideas to see if any of them work work well, see more gift ideas at our blog, or shop our entire collection of Mother’s Day flowers and gifts online.