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Why Give Asters This September?

asterAsters are among the last to bloom in many flower gardens and offer a stunning “grande finale” for the summer season. They are also a harbinger of all that autumn has to offer, blooming in bright fall colors like gold, red, rust and orange. However, they also come in white as well as gorgeous shades of purple, pink and even blue hues.

Asters are also known for attracting wildlife like bees and butterflies. These pollinators as well as birds such as hummingbirds are drawn to them due to their large size and bright, showy colors. Many people are drawn to this vivacious bloom for the same reason.

The Star of Summer’s End

The word “aster” means “star” in Latin, and this lovely flower is indeed a big star when it comes to both flower gardens and cut bouquets. In gardens, it can grow up to six feet tall, with most growing around three to four feet.

Asters grow best in full sun and rich, well-drained soil. Trimming them in early summer can lead to more blooms in autumn. They are easy to maintain and will remain lush for weeks in a cut bouquet if kept hydrated.

The main aster classifications are the New York and New England varieties, which are similar and sometimes difficult to tell apart. The main differences are that the New York aster grows shorter than the New England type. The New York variety also has a thinner stem and smoother leaves.

Asters can bring a symphony of color to both gardens and bouquets. Consider these beautiful gift and remembrance ideas for a range of occasions:

A Spectacular Showing

A Spectacular Showing bouquet brings the bounty of asters along with other rich blooms for a truly dazzling effect. Bright purple asters along with stargazer lilies, roses, and more in a clear vase make for a showy and impressive gift.

Julia’s Precious Standing Spray

Asters are also a beautiful way to honor and remember those we’ve lost. Julia’s Precious Standing Spray includes red asters artfully combined with sunflowers, white chrysanthemums, pink Oriental lilies, white gladiolus and yellow carnations for an impressive effect.

Asters uplift any home or office space and are the ideal gift for loved ones. Send a message of joy and hope while also honoring summer’s end and the start of fall. Contact Julia’s Florist for more aster gift giving and bouquet ideas.