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Wilmington Father’s Day Gifts & Ideas

Wilmington Father's Day There is no one in the world who can measure up to your father – he has always been your best friend, your steadfast rock, your provider, protector and your confidence.  As a child, you adored him, but as an adult, you have the utmost respect for him. This June 18, you have the special opportunity to let your dad know just how much he means to you. Whether locally or across the miles, Julia’s Florist has the Wilmington Father’s Day ideas that go beyond the ordinary.

Did You Know? There are more than 71 million fathers in the U.S. Of those, nearly 25 million have minor children living in the home with them full time, and just under 2 million are full-time single dads.

Although your first thought when it comes to Father’s Day ideas may not be a florist,  we can offer many thoughtful and long-lasting gifts he will still have long after the day is over.  Green plants have long been known to enhance the feeling of well-being and peace – not to mention, to help to purify the air and increase air quality. The more green plants in an interior space, the better!  So send Dad a plant from our beautiful collection – whether a succulent garden or a peace lily dish garden, we know he will love the vibrancy and life that green plants add to home or office.
Wilmington Father's Day Each Dad is special and unique, which is why we invite you to search our gifts for him – we are confident that you will find the perfect gift no matter his personality or preferences! From gourmet delicacies to a chic shaving kit; from a salty Beach Party Pack to wind chimes for his garden, there is truly something for every Dad.

If you are celebrating a Wilmington Father’s Day this year, take a look at the great gift ideas from Julia’s Florist.