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Shop our latest selections of wonderful fresh-cut lilies. We offer same-day delivery to Wilmington and surrounding areas or nationwide. For custom floral designs, please call the number listed above. One of our floral design experts is standing by to assist you now. 

Sending lilies from Julia's Florist in Wilmington, NC, is a gesture that transcends mere beauty, embodying deep symbolism and the capacity to stir emotions. Lilies, with their elegant form and intoxicating fragrance, have long been revered across cultures for their profound meanings and associations. These majestic blooms are often symbols of purity, renewal, and transformation, making them a poignant choice for many occasions, from celebrations of new beginnings to expressions of sympathy and everything in between. Julia's Florist, known for its impeccable taste and quality, offers a stunning array of lilies in various colors, each carrying its unique message and sentiment.

Opting for lilies from Julia's Florist means choosing a floral gift that speaks volumes. White lilies, for instance, convey purity and virtue, making them a classic choice for weddings or to express condolences, signifying a return to peace and innocence—orange lilies radiate warmth and confidence, perfect for sending congratulations or uplifting someone's spirits. Pink lilies, symbolizing admiration and femininity, are ideal for Mother's Day or as a gesture of thanks. The versatility of lilies ensures that your floral gift, carefully crafted and delivered by Julia's Florist, will be deeply meaningful and appreciated. Sending lilies from Julia's Florist in Wilmington, NC, is not just about the flowers themselves but the joy and thoughtfulness they represent. Whether adorning a home, gracing a solemn occasion, or brightening someone's day, lilies are a testament to the sender's thoughtful consideration and the special bond they share with the recipient. With Julia's Florist, each bouquet of lilies is a masterpiece of beauty and emotion, poised to leave a lasting impression and convey your most profound sentiments in the most beautiful way possible.