Heart Displays

Floral hearts for the service or the home.

Favorites in Heart Displays

These floral heart displays from Julia's Florist are ideal for funeral services or sympathy displays in the home. Order online or call us directly for personalized service.

Sending a Floral Heart for a Funeral from Julia's Florist in Wilmington, NC, is a profoundly touching and symbolic gesture to express love, sorrow, and respect for someone who has passed away. This heartfelt tribute is a powerful symbol of undying love, a final goodbye that wraps the departed in a visual embrace of beauty and serenity. Julia's Florist, known for its compassionate service and exquisite floral craftsmanship, ensures that each Floral Heart is created with the utmost care, reflecting the depth of emotion and the personal significance of the loss.

Opting for a Floral Heart from Julia's Florist means choosing a florist who pours dedication and artistry into every arrangement, using only the freshest, most vibrant flowers to convey a message of eternal love and remembrance. The colors and types of flowers can be customized to reflect the personality and preferences of the loved one, making the tribute as unique and special as the life it honors. Moreover, in the solemn atmosphere of a funeral, a Floral Heart from Julia's Florist serves as a focal point of beauty and condolence and a reminder of the collective heartache and support of those left behind. It's a way to comfort grieving family and friends, symbolizing unity and compassion in the face of loss. This thoughtful gesture, facilitated by Julia's Florist in Wilmington, NC, ensures that your tribute will be remembered for its grace and heartfelt sentiment.