Valentine's Plants & Gifts

Favorites in Valentine's Plants & Gifts

Order Valentine's gifts and long-lasting plants ready for delivery to Wilmington and cities nationwide from Julia's Florist.  Shop early for the best selection!

Sending Valentine's Day plants and gifts from Julia's Florist in Wilmington, NC, is a gentle and thoughtful expression of love, offering a serene and lasting reminder of your affection. With its reputation for quality and heartfelt creations, Julia's Florist curates a collection of plants and gifts that resonate with tranquility and enduring care, perfect for a soft and soothing Valentine's Day gesture.

Choosing a plant from Julia's Florist means gifting a living symbol of growth and enduring presence. Whether it’s the elegant poise of an orchid, signifying love and beauty, or the comforting charm of a lush green fern, these plants bring a peaceful slice of nature into your loved one’s home, nurturing the environment with a breath of freshness and life.

Accompanied by Julia's Florist's thoughtful gifts, like delicate candles that cast a soft glow or artisanal chocolates that melt tenderly on the tongue, your Valentine's Day present becomes a holistic experience. It's a whisper of love, a soft embrace from afar, delivered with the promise of quality and care that Julia's Florist is known for. This Valentine's Day, sending a plant and gift from Julia's Florist in Wilmington, NC, isn't just thoughtful; it's a tranquil touch of affection, a serene celebration of your bond.