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Celebrating August Birthdays

birthday floral design

Those celebrating August birthdays have a special birthstone in the peridot. This striking gem has a very distinctive color, generally occurring in shades of lime green with a yellow tint, which is a rare color for a stone. When creating a birthday floral design to visually represent the peridot, equally unique flowers are often used. This green and yellow color palette, when incorporated into a summer bouquet along with other seasonal flowers, is a meaningful way to send a “precious” birthstone-inspired arrangement to your loved one.

Summer Breeze was imagined by our floral designers as a cool breeze on a hot day. This wildflower arrangement captures the peridot color scheme with green hydrangea, green poms and mum and meadow vines; accompanied by yellow sunflowers. Of course, it wouldn’t be a summer bouquet without some splashes of vibrant color, compliments of orange and pink roses, and pink alstroemeria. This arrangement is a summer day in a vase, and will make a stunning birthday bouquet for your loved ones.birthday floral design

Other flowers that are popular in creating an August birthstone bouquet are green cymbidium orchids, green roses, carnations and Bells of Ireland; as well as yellow lilies and snapdragons. White and yellow daisies are also wonderful flowers that celebrate not only the birthday at hand, but the carefree season of summer which is drawing to a close.

These peridot birthstone floral arrangements are perfect for August celebrants, but we welcome your thoughts and ideas as well! Call or stop by Julia’s Florist to speak with one of our talented artists to create a birthday floral design that is unique and personal to the honoree – whether showcasing a favorite flower or color, or incorporating a keepsake, balloon or gift. Don’t forget to check out our birthday flower selection online as well – we are sure that we have the perfect expression of wishes for everyone August celebrant on your list!