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Creative Decor for College Dorm Rooms

College Dorm Rooms

Summer is winding down already, at least for those returning to college classes. If this is the first time your young adult will be leaving your home to attend school, the transition is likely to inspire quite a few emotions. One way to assist the new student to feel more comfortable when they arrive is to help them decorate with familiar and comfortable decor – whether their favorite photos, a familiar blanket or pillow, or a beautiful green plant from Julia’s Florist.

One of the best ways to create a sanctuary amidst all the college dorm rooms is to add living plants. Not only do they work hard to cleanse and purify the air, but they also create an overall sense of relaxation and well-being. Plants are known to increase focus and mental clarity, as well as remove the common toxins which can cause headaches and dizziness, such as fumes from pressed board, carpet, or printers. One plant known for such helpful behavior is the peace lily plant, shown below in a mixed arrangement. college dorm room

Your college student will also love the unique aesthetic that succulents add to college dorm rooms; or perhaps the whimsy of our Living Air Ware would be a fun way to add some decorative charm. For a personal touch, send the plants a week or two after classes have begun – they will love getting a gift from you and will be excited to receive a surprise just as they may be feeling the first twinges of homesickness.

college dorm rooms Of course, gourmet gift baskets and care packages – although not technically decor – are a popular favorite year after year. Our UNCW Study Box is overflowing with everything that your student will be craving during overnight study sessions. Check out the rest of our selection here.

The first time a young adult lives away from home, it is both exciting, and a little scary. Give them the added confidence they need by letting them know that although they have left your home, they will never leave your heart.

Surprise them with a gift from Julia’s Florist. 

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