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The Flowers to Buy For Homecoming!

Ah, homecoming — it’s a time for friends, school spirit, and taking that special someone to the first major school dance of the year. Homecoming takes place in autumn, shortly after classes have commenced and allows students to get a break from homework — even if just for the weekend.

Flowers are also a part of the homecoming tradition. Corsages, wrist corsages and lapel boutonnieres are all common flower accessories for homecoming attire. However, you can also surprise your date a beautiful arrangement or bouquet to help set the tone for a magical evening. Not sure which flowers to buy your date for homecoming? Consider these ideas for making an impact this homecoming:

Chrysanthemums and Carnations

Chrysanthemums, or “mums,” have historically been the traditional homecoming flower. They can be used in corsages and boutonnieres or as a lively accent in mixed bouquets. A close second in terms of traditionally used homecoming flowers is the carnation. Their intricate, layered petals and compact shape makes them a great choice for both corsages and boutonnieres. However, they also look extremely elegant in a bouquet or arrangement. This richly textured bloom comes in a variety of colors, including blue, yellow, red, orange, and every shade of pink you can imagine. They are often solid-colored, but can be a combination of two colors as well. Consider bringing your date carnations in a mixed bouquet with other stunning flowers.

Tropical Blooms

Get a little exotic for homecoming with tropical flowers such as orchids, birds of paradise and begonia. A Tropical Dish Garden basket brings together exotic burgundy-pink orchids and a variety of green plants. A Birds in Paradise bouquet features large bunches of striking, elegant and unusual orange and violet birds of paradise. Tropical flowers also make for stunning wrist corsages and boutonnieres. A standalone potted orchid is an impactful gift, but they can also elegantly accent an arrangement or bouquet. Heat things up with a Summer Salsa bouquet, which mixes orchids with dahlias, roses and sunflowers for a bold, bright effect.

The Classic Rose

Still not sure what to bring? If in doubt, roses are almost always a hit. They come in far more colors than just traditional red and look great in traditional corsages, wrist corsages and guys’ boutonnieres. Roses can also be combined elegantly with other blooms; make your date’s heart skip a beat with the Abundance of Love bouquet, which features¬†pink roses, white lilies, white hydrangea and purple dendrobium orchids along with heart accents in an elegant clear glass vase.

Don’t arrive empty-handed this homecoming. Use these tips and show your date how special they are by bringing beautiful, fresh flowers.