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Going Green with Sustainable Floristry

Nearly all individuals happen to be acquainted with sustainable energy and food sources, but what about sustainable flowers? It seems as flowers, organic as they’re, must be sustainable, though the ways where they are grown, shipped, sourced, and also used could influence the planet. At Julia’s Florist, we are solidly committed to learning sustainable floristry. We try to protect our earth while continuing to produce spectacular floral designs to deliver the community of ours.

Field of Dahlia Flowers

What Are Eco-Friendly Flowers?

Eco-friendly flowers are the ones that are developed, sourced, and shipped while working with sustainable methods. Instead of developing flowers fast with damaging fertilizers under effective, artificial lighting, sustainable flowers are steadily developed, using secure fertilizers during their organic raising seasons.

Growing Buds

How to Recognize a Sustainable Florist

Only a few florists are just as sustainable. Allow me to share several of the simple ways you are able to identify a green florist that utilizes renewable floristry practices.

Uses Recyclable Materials

Blossoms are wrapped in paper rather than clear plastic, along with florists stay away from using florist’s foam any time you can.

Sources Flowers Locally

Flowers are sourced from renewable local farmers to lessen shipping impact.

Promotes Seasonal Blooms

The florist uses seasonal blooms any time possible because these’re probably the most eco-friendly flowers out there.

Offers to Refill Vases

Eco-friendly florists are usually willing to refill and reuse recycled other containers and vases for bouquets. Whether you are a business client or maybe individual customer, reusing your vases is regarded as the renewable choice.

Donates Unused Blooms

Renewable florists possibly donate their unused blooms to help you beautify hospitals as well as nursing homes or even to be composted at neighborhood gardens.

Pink Cosmos Flowers

What You Can Do to Help

In case you wish to do the part of yours for creating a world that is healthy and clean for plants, animals, and people, you will find a couple of things you are able to do to enhance the sustainability of the floral bouquets of yours.

Preserve Your Bouquet

You are able to expand the elegance and life of the bouquets of yours by figuring out how you can dry out flowers. You are able to either press or even hang the bouquets of yours and also utilize the dried blooms in an assortment of exciting home decor projects.

Compost Spent Blooms

When your blooms are used, you are able to compost the flowers of yours in a compost bin. When you do not have your own personal backyard that requires natural fertilizing, we suggest donating the blooms of yours for composting at a nearby garden.

Shop Locally

Just about the most impactful methods you are able to boost the sustainability of your respective flowers is choosing a neighborhood floral shop as Neubauer’s, that sources its blossoms from responsible, local farmers. When you buy from a neighborhood floral shop, instead a national floral delivery service, the flowers of yours will not journey almost as much to achieve their receiver, decreasing their earth shipping effect.

Field of Pink and Purple Flowers

To discover more about just how you are able to purchase green flowers or learn more about how Julia’s Florist practices eco-friendly floristry, we welcome you to contact us.