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Julia’s Florist’s Guide to Orchids

The remarkable beauty of an orchid plant is hard to deny. They are different from other flowering plants due to their beautiful and perfectly symmetrical blossoms. What once used to be expensive and scarce, and a symbol of wealth is now affordable and obtainable. This in no way detracts from the magnificence and grace of the orchid plant, though. Here at Julia’s Florist, Wilmington’s top flower shop, we love orchids and the vast array of beautiful color patterns, shapes, and sizes they come in. Orchids make an excellent gift for any occasion, and contrary to popular belief, are relatively easy to care for. To discover more about orchids, check out our blogs below for more information about this unique and elegant plant.

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Care for Indoor Flowering Plants and Orchids

Both green and flowering plants are ideal to keep indoors, but they are far more than simple decor! Plants inspire a peaceful and serene mood, remove pollutants from the air around us, and are even known to increase our productivity.

Go for Extraordinary with Blue Flowers in Your Home

Having fresh flowers in your home always brightens up the place, but an arrangement of all blue flowers is truly stunning. Rarer than other colored-flowers, blue blossoms really stand out whether in a field of multi-colored flowers or in an arrangement.

Lucky Plants to Always Have in Your Home

Instead of a rabbit’s foot or a rusty old horseshoe for luck, get a living, fresh, and beautiful plant or fresh flowers known for bringing good luck and fortune into your home.

Best House Plants for Just Starting Out

There’s no better way to bring nature into your household than with a potted plant. There are numerous health benefits to having plants in your home and they are beautiful decor in every type of space.

Female Celebrities and What Their Favorite Flower Are

Were you aware that your favorite flower often reflects your personality? To commemorate Women’s History Month, Wilmington’s best florist, Julia’s, listed some of the favorite ladies from history and today to uncover their favorite flower and if it matches their personality.

5 Flowers for Which We’re Thankful

Flowers are always in season and in style at Julia’s Florist, serving Wilmington, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas. We truly believe in the year-round wonder of flowers.