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A Divine Dish Garden For Dad

In honor of Father’s Day, which falls on June 17th this year, we found some interesting history. There are actually two versions of how Father’s Day began in the United States. One includes a Spokane, Washington woman who wanted to honor her own father, a civil war veteran who raised six children on his own after his wife passed away. The other version tells a story of a mining explosion in West Virginia that led to a small church honoring the thousand children left fatherless from the tragedy. In both stories, however, nothing was made official or national until 1966, when Lyndon B. Johnson declared the third Sunday in June to be the official day to celebrate Father’s Day. Richard Nixon followed up in 1972 by declaring the day a National Holiday. At Julia’s Florist, we are happy to honor fathers throughout history and everyday with our wide selection of gifts and plants. Read More about A Divine Dish Garden For Dad »
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The Cutest Floral Gift For Your Bestie

You know that you and your best friend go together like a glass of wine and a long conversation. Many issues have been discussed, analyzed and decided upon while the two of you share a bottle. Let her know how valuable your time together is to you by honoring her this year on June 8th- Best Friend’s Day. This is a wonderful chance to send her some flowers and a bottle of her favorite wine to let her know how much you appreciate her. Julia’s Florist understands best friends and how important it is to let her know you care. We have a wide selection of beautiful blooms and our floral experts are ready to help you choose the very best arrangement for your best friend. Read More about The Cutest Floral Gift For Your Bestie »
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Sweet, Sweet Summer Flowers

The sweetness of summer can be found all around us this time of year. From sticky popsicles to children running through sprinklers, summer reminds us that a lot of joy can be found in the little things. Morning sunshine streaming through the windows, the aroma of a backyard grill, and the feel of the sun on your face all lend a hand in reminding us of simple pleasures. At Julia’s Florist our summer bouquets reflect the essence of all things innocent and pure that summertime has to offer. Browse our summer collection for some excellent ideas to make your summer perfectly simple. Read More about Sweet, Sweet Summer Flowers »
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Ways To Make Memorial Day Special

Memorial Day reminds us of the great sacrifices made throughout our country’s history to bring us the freedom we enjoy today. This weekend is a perfect time to honor the memory of these brave individuals. At Julia’s Florist, we have compiled a list of just a few ways to thank a veteran for their service to our nation and pay tribute to those men and women who gave their lives for our freedom. Read More about Ways To Make Memorial Day Special »
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A Gift She’ll Never Forget

It’s the month of May, and that means that we’re about to celebrate Mother’s Day. If you want to make your mother feel like a queen for the day, the surefire way to do that is by showering her with flowers. The Julia’s Florist experienced team of creative floral designers is going all out to make sure that we have floral arrangements in every size and color combination to suit different tastes and budgets. Read More about A Gift She’ll Never Forget »
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Flowers To Wear For Prom And Beyond

All over the country, schools districts are engaged in the flurry of activity that surrounds the end of the school year and the start of summer vacation. At Julia’s Florist, our talented team of creative floral designers is working hard to customize corsages, boutonnieres, and floral wreaths for people throughout Wilmington who are celebrating significant milestones by attending formal dances or graduation ceremonies. Read More about Flowers To Wear For Prom And Beyond »
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Show Teachers And Nurses You Care

The first week of May is a significant one concerning national weeks of appreciation that honor various professions. Nurses and teachers are critical professionals in every community, and for all the work they do, their steadfast dedication, and their unwavering determination, we rarely thank them, let alone honor them. So it is very fitting that on May 8th, the date on which National Teacher Day falls, we salute teachers. And there is no more appropriate day on which to honor nurses than on the date of Florence Nightingale's birth, May 12th. Julia’s Florist has a vast collection of beautiful flower arrangements from which you can choose as we honor nurses and teachers. Read More about Show Teachers And Nurses You Care »
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A Wild And Free Bouquet For Earth Day

April 22 is designated as Earth Day. It has been a yearly observance since 1970. The 2018 theme revolves around ending plastic pollution. We regularly hear news stories about massive amounts of plastic and garbage that are creating islands in the ocean - especially the Pacific Ocean. We also hear reports about things that wash ashore. In honor of this year’s theme, the experienced floral design team here at Julia’s Florist are creating some flower arrangements that use eco-friendly objects for containers. Read More about A Wild And Free Bouquet For Earth Day »
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Make Your Desktop Happy With Plants And Flowers

April 25, 2018, is this year’s observance of Administrative Professionals Day. It’s part of a week-long celebration that used to be known as National Secretaries Week. A woman by the name of Mary Barrett came up with the idea in her capacity as one of the leaders of the National Secretaries Association, an organization that was founded during World War II as a way to offer secretaries and receptionists, the support they deserved. The entire Julia’s Florist team is thrilled to participate in this event that honors the unsung heroes of most businesses. Read More about Make Your Desktop Happy With Plants And Flowers »
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Refresh Your Home and Spirit

It finally feels like spring in our neck of the woods, and with any luck and a lot of crossed fingers, we’ll keep hoping that Mother Nature doesn’t decide to unleash her fury on the Wilmington area with some disastrous weather scenario. When we’re outdoors, we see glimpses of spring peeking through the surface of the ground or starting to emerge from the branches of trees and shrubs. We want to encourage you to take advantage of this time of the year -- a type of rebirth and renewal, to refresh your home and spirit, and the Julia’s Florist team is eager to help you do that. Read More about Refresh Your Home and Spirit »
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