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Pick Meaningful Chrysanthemums For Fall Occasions

Choosing the perfect flowers to send during the fall months is as simple as choosing your favorite mums. Chrysanthemums are the premiere flower of the fall season and represent autumn well with deep, colorful petals in a variety of patterns and styles. The endless varieties and colors of mums mean no two bouquets are the same. Plus, chrysanthemums throughout history have taken on meanings that still live on today.

Show your friends and loved ones in the Wilmington area what they mean to you when you send beautiful mums during the fall season. The floral experts at Julia’s Florist have put together some great tips about mums for you to use when choosing these blooms. Take a look at some of the many varieties and meanings chrysanthemums encompass and choose something perfect for someone special.

Red Cushion Mum

Orange and Yellow Daisy Mums

Incurve Mums

Viking Mums

Spider Mums

Red Rover Mum

Mums make great accent flowers and feature flowers, too. With all the variety of shapes, colors, and textures mums come in, the types of arrangement you can make with them are endless. See how we used them in Harvest Basket Bouquet and Elegant Harvest Setting. Besides the wonderful colors mums bring, there are also symbolic meanings associated with them so your arrangements can take on personal meaning.

Harvest Basket Bouquet

Elegant Harvest Setting

Symbolism of Mums

The name, chrysanthemum, in the Greek language, literally means “Gold Flower.” In America, the traditional view of mums is a flower that provides joy and optimism. With the leafy or woody smell of many types of mums, naturally, the plant also symbolizes fall to most Americans. Originally grown in areas of China, the Chrysanthemum was so revered that the plant was only available to members of the royal family. In other areas of East Asia, mums symbolize rejuvenation and a long life. Clearly, mums are highly prized blooms.

Show someone special how revered they are to you when you send mums with so much meaning attached. The joy and beauty they’ll bring into your loved one’s world is beyond compare and will be an excellent welcome to the fall months. For more great tips and advice about sending or decorating with chrysanthemums, talk to the floral designers at Julia’s Florist. We’re happy to show you our entire collection and help you choose something meaningful for fall.