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Share Your Feelings of Eternal Commitment With Dahlias

dahliaThe Dahlia may be the National Flower of Mexico, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find it in a quintessential southern flower garden here in Wilmington, N.C. Southerners love their flowers just about as much as they love their sweet tea. If it isn’t the season for flowers in the garden, we feel sure that you’ll find an abundance of them inside people’s homes — especially when they’re entertaining. At Julia’s Florist, we’re always eager to help our customers choose or create the perfect floral arrangement for any occasion.
There’s a lot of interesting history related to dahlias and the round-about way that they came to America. The indigenous Aztec Indians who lived in the mountainous areas of Guatemala and Mexico introduced the flowers to the world when the Spanish conquistadors stormed their countries and tried to conquer the Aztecs. While they fought, they may not have paid any attention to the beautiful flowers that surrounded them. When they weren’t in combat mode, however, they busied themselves with nature walks where they discovered a range of unusual, unfamiliar and exotic plant life.


Eventually, when the conquistadors returned to Spain, they brought back Dahlia seeds, some roots, and possibly a few plants. They were propagated at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Madrid. From there, these colorful, enormous and beautiful flowers traveled to Europe. During the Victorian Era, people used flowers to communicate. Flowers had meanings, symbolism and the ability to express sentiments.


Dahlias are known as spicy flowers, and our Summer Salsa arrangement isn’t short on spice. We heat up the room with a combination of roses, sunflowers, dahlias, and orchids. The combination of orange, yellow, from sunflowers, coral and purple ooze warmth and passion.


Dahlias convey a range of different meanings, including a warning to someone, a suggestion that change is in the air, a premonition of betrayal, or hints about travel.


The language of flowers that was so popular during the Victorian Era still lingers on today in the unspoken messages that people send flowers. Dahlias suggest elegance, but they are also a sign of eternal commitment. That’s why they are often found in wedding bouquets and in floral arrangements that celebrate love and marriage.


When we go on to explore the symbolism surrounding these gorgeous flowers, we discover that the flowers are symbols of inner strength, creativity, and a symbol of someone who is firmly committed to their spiritual values. If you are committed to love someone, you’ll never go wrong when you send them a spectacular arrangement of colorful dahlias.