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Posted by juliasflorist on November 10, 2017 | Last Updated: October 15, 2020 Uncategorized

Dressing Your Thanksgiving Table With Centerpieces

One of the most exciting parts about Thanksgiving – at least to us here at Julia’s Florist – is what goes on the dining table. No, we don’t mean food, though the feast itself certainly gets top billing at our house. It’s the flowers, and specifically, the centerpiece.

What you put in the middle of your table is meant to capture the spirit of your Thanksgiving, whether you’re hosting an informal potluck where everybody brings their signature dish or a more formal affair. Centerpieces are meant to be enjoyed and remarked upon. They have to be lovely but not distracting. And your guests have to be able to talk over them, so keep those pieces long and low, we say.

If you go the traditional route, you’re looking at a nice splay of flowers sweeping the table. This requires some room, so we suggest taking stock of how your table will look with settings and serve ware first and then committing to a centerpiece. An option we love is using two or three of the same arrangements in a vase. You can put these designs straight down the center of the table, conserving space and giving everyone at the table a view of the flowers. We like our Autumn Splendor for this.

This handsome arrangement utilizes all of the best Fall flowers – sunflowers, golden lilies, orange roses – but remains contained in an elegant glass cube that can work with any other decor. Unlike a traditional centerpiece, these bouquets can be moved elsewhere after the dinner, or even taken home by a guest.

This Thanksgiving, let us help you do your homework on centerpieces, whether you want a more classic look of lavish blooms gathered at the heart of the table or a more modern-looking series of bouquets in a row.