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Mind-Blowing Plant Identification Apps

If you’ve just been given a beautiful flower arrangement and want to know the type of each flower within, then you are in luck, because there’s an app for that! Flower and plant identifier apps have come a long way recently and make it easy for you to instantly get an identification with just the click of your smartphone’s camera. There are numerous variations of identification apps available, which is why the top-rated florist in Wilmington, NC, Julia’s Florist, has made your search simpler by collecting the best-reviewed plant ID apps for your convenience. Peruse the list below and get snapping!

Lush hydrangea, local peonies, gorgeous roses. lilies and fragrant stock are accented with delicate buplereum

You’ll Love These Flower and Plant ID Apps



This popular app uses artificial intelligence to identify plants and flowers you’ve just taken a picture of or uploaded from your phone. You may be provided with several similar choices or a name you’re not familiar with although still correct. You get results quickly the AI used claims 99% accuracy. Additionally, this app offers plant care tips, information on pest control, and identifying plant disease as well. PictureThis is a subscription service app but offers a free 7-day trial.



Another subscription-based service app, but completely different in how results are generated. Rather than using computer-based AI, when you upload a photo of a plant or flower you want identified a team of botanical experts will analyze it and provide with the results. Many results are provided within the hour, but some may take 24 hours or more. Since there is human involvement, there is a fee of .99 cents for each correct identification. If a correct ID is not provided, you will not be charged. Plus, the first three IDs are free.


What’s That Flower? 

This is a popular app that does not rely on photo uploads for identification. Rather, you answer questions about the flower you wish to know about, such as color, the region where it was spotted, and the number of petals, and then the app offers up a number of potential candidates which fit the description. With over 600 varieties of flowers, it’s easy to lose time perusing through all the cool options. Each flower image comes with detailed information about it as well as its taxonomy.



This free app instantly identifies plants of all kinds including flowers, succulents, trees, mushrooms, cacti, and more. At your fingertips is a database of over 500,000 species and over 150 million images. PlantSnap uses AI to identify a plant or flower based off of a picture of a leaf or part of a plant. For any plant that is not in the database, you have the option to save it, thus adding to the app’s continued “learning.” Information about a plant’s origin, genus, size, fruit, and flower are also available. For fewer ads, a premium paid version can be purchased.

For Wildflower Lovers…

If you’re more of a wildflower lover who would like to identify those you see while walking about or hiking on a trail, there is an app for nearly every region of the U.S. Click here to find which wildflower apps are available for your neck of the woods.