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Celebrating Wilmington Engagements and Weddings

wilmington engagements

February is National Wedding Month, and the reason may surprise you. After all, you may expect that such a title would be given to the sunny month of June or the crisp autumn days of September or October, when statistically, far more weddings take place. However, the selection of February was far from arbitrary and makes a lot of sense, as explained below.

At Julia’s Florist, we love weddings no matter the month, If you are one of the thousands celebrating Wilmington engagements and weddings this month, we’d be honored to work with you! Wilmington engagements
According to the National Association of Bridal Consultants, the selection of the wintry month has nothing to do with how many weddings are performed and everything to do with wedding planning. The fact is, more proposals and engagements take place over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays than any other time during the calendar year. That large influx of newly engaged couples translates to increased inquiries – and subsequently bookings – in the month of February. Therefore, National Wedding Month celebrates the fact so many new nuptial ceremonies are being planned.

Keep This in Mind: Experts recommend that you hire your wedding florist at least 6-8 months prior to your event. If you are planning a summer or fall wedding this year, February is the perfect time to call Julia’s Florist!
Wilmington engagementsWe also think it is worth a mention that February is just inherently romantic to begin with! Between Valentine’s Day and the approximately 6 million marriage proposals that take place on that day, wedding fever is in the air. And although February may not top the list for weddings performed, Valentine’s Day does inspire thousands of weddings each year.

Wilmington engagements, weddings or anniversaries – Julia’s Florist offers premier customer service, expertise, and sheer floral beauty to all Wilmington area couples.